The Farm

Escape the hustle and retreat to Stony Creek Farmstead’s pastoral hillsides. Our small farmstead is nestled deep in the Catskills surrounded by winding country roads that take you past grazing cattle, rolling fields and century-old barns. Just about two and half hours Northwest of the Five Boroughs you could be here in time to tuck the kiddies in bed and pour yourself a glass of wine.

Our Story

We began farming more than 14 years ago. A young couple with a toddler and no roof over our heads, but lots of muscle and big ideas. Luckily we had the support of Dan’s parents, Karen and Peter, who own the farm, and Kate’s parents, who bought a house in the next town. Not to mention a great number of fellow farmers and neighbors who have rescued us from all manner of incidents. Now the farm is home to a herd of beef cows, a flock of sheep, heritage breed pigs, and innumerable chickens. Our guard dogs Rose, Cosmos, and Rey beg for love during the day and roam the hills all night protecting the livestock with gentle and deep resounding woofs. A small acre of organic vegetables feeds our families and guests all summer long, then provides potatoes, squash and other fodder for our root cellar in the fall.

Your Tent

Rustic yet luxurious, our platform tents have welcomed families, lovebirds, reunions, and wedding guests alike. Canopied ceilings and canvas walls with a wooden floor underfoot, keep you dry and cozy without shutting nature out. A fully equipped kitchen boasts a wood cook stove and essential utensils for cooking our fresh farm fare. Don’t worry, if you tire of stirring and sautéing - just let us know and we can prepare one of our specialty items for your next meal. Whether you’ve come to harvest your meal from the garden or sit back and watch the cows graze, there is space enough in your tent for you to lounge in a canvas swayback chair or to stand and prep veggies for the afternoon meal. Each tent includes a cabinet bed for concealed midday naps, as well as a set of bunk beds and a separate room with King size berth. A small water closet conceals a flush toilet. A short stroll across a foot bridge brings you to the industrial open air shower house, with four stalls, two family size and two singles. You won’t find anywhere to plug your phone in - okay, there is electric in the farm store - the tents are intentionally off-grid to help you appreciate the finer things in life. Hike the hills for a breathtaking view of the valley, jump in the crystal clear pond, follow the creek into the woods. DIY books, homesteading magazines, board games and a basic art supplies can be found in the farm store for rainy afternoons or post-hike relaxing.

A Day on the Farm

Wake up to the trickling creek and breathe in fresh mountain air. Meet the farmers in the barn for the morning milking. Collect eggs for breakfast. Pick up a warm loaf of bread, some local cheese and preserves from the farm store. Then retreat to your tent to tend the fire in the cookstove and let the morning unfold. Saturdays at 11am, we offer a guided farm tour for neighbors and guests. Saturday evenings we fire up the outdoor brick oven and have a pizza party and campfire. Mostly folks enjoy just being here. Relax in the shade of a tree, enjoy a glass of wine, and soak up the simple life.

The Locale

Delaware County is chock-full of new and old agriculture - dairy, veggie, beef and poultry farms, as well as brewers of absinthe and local mead and cider makers, u-pick blueberries and other diverse family farms. There is something for everyone; take a hike to forage wild edibles, go berry picking, paddle a kayak down the Delaware or hunt for that special antique in stores that line the main streets.