Well, here we are in the midst of winter. It is hard to believe it is here. But February is right around the corner...the month in which we begin planting the very first of our seedlings: ONIONS!

I was perusing our meek root pantry. (It is not underground, but just a closet on the north side of our house.) We have stored our garlic, onions, butternut and buttercup squash, and potatoes all fall and winter. Surprisingly our late dug carrots have done very well. We eat them raw and in soups and even our chickens and dairy cow get to enjoy them!

And recently we put the rest of the apples that survived the mice under our house in the root pantry too! The cabbage that I put back there - I intended to make sauerkraut - well, I never got to it and boy were they stinky when I finally threw them out in early January.

The potatoes didn't do as well - they were on the floor and conditions were simply too cold. Many of them froze. The good news is that we have about four or more five-gallon buckets in peter and karen's basement. Along with 120 more winter squash in my parents basement!!

Oh, lest I forget to mention: We have tons of Eggs!! Come by the farm or go to my parents house in Franklin! They are $4.50 a dozen and there isn't a better egg around!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio