April 28th began with some of the hardest rain storms since the flood of 2006. It was a reminder of just how bad it was 5 years ago. As I described it then - it was like the hardest 2 minute surge of an already intense downpour, but for 4 days straight!!As the day progressed, the sky cleared up and we continued to get more done outside.

We finally got the sheep out of their muddy interim holding pen behind the barn. It had become quite a disgusting mess even after nearly 2 weeks. We put them there after shearing and all was nice and dry and clean. Since then it’s been raining constantly and the residual hay from feeding hasn’t been enough to keep it dry. Another lamb was born that day as well, but has not survived. Another victim of bad mothering instincts. We are planning to do some MAJOR culling of these ewes within a couple of months. We will likely bring in new ewes for next year and perhaps change our flock entirely to a breed that produces much larger, faster growing lambs among other desirable traits.

Well, as it is this post was intended for the 29th, so I’ll leave it at this.

A couple of other quick updates:

  • our first batch of broilers are getting quite large in the brooder room - will get them on pasture today or tomorrow
  • we’ve separated the beltie heifers and will be moving everybody else to the upper pasture later today! hurray!!
  • our first apprentice arrives today!!!
  • peas are up!!
  • hoop house is fully planted with greens
  • first CSA shares go out 26April
  • Autumn Cafe, our favorite restaurant in Oneonta, is now serving our eggs for Sunday brunch
  • we’re also delivering over 50dozen eggs to a bar / cafe called Blue Haven in SoHo NYC every two weeks for their Sunday brunch

that’s all for now!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio