Well, the milk house...two nights ago, we got a call up at our house at 10pm or so. Mama Marsiglio (the older wiser one) wanted to know about a gunshot she heard. We said we knew nothing about it, but Dan headed out to check it out. Next thing I know dan's dad is on the phone saying that something exploded in the milk house (our spring/summer kitchen) something in a jar...blueberries he thought.

"No" I hadn't canned any blueberries. But now I am trying to figure out what happened...Very Long story a little shorter, we had saved some of the mulled wine that we sold at the holiday market (don't ever do this -the saving, not the selling). It was in a large jug on a high shelf with a screw top. (Don't ever do this, corks were a wonderful invention - use them!)

Yes the entire thing blew apart! "One bubble too many" Mike said. Boy was he right. He and dan had to spend 5 hours the next day clearing the entire kitchen out and putting it back together. Of course dan could barely keep himself from replaying in his mind's eye what could have happened if it had been a few hours earlier...we were all eating supper kids were playing...it could have been bad.

Needless to say some gods and goddesses were watching over us that day. We hope they stick around. (sorry, no pictures. we'd rather not relive it)

On a cheerier note, we picked up our family milker yesterday...Pete (papa marsiglio) drove the grueling 2 1/2 hours with Isaac and me to Saratoga Springs to pick up 7 month old Sierra. She's a beauty. Pictures are on their way.

Oh, and the predator...well it seems that they were killing each other. Not an uncommon thing, supposedly, among chickens. Although quite disconcerting for us. We had just about given up. It seems, though, that our poor laying chicks have just had one too many stresses. I know - organic, pasture based farm. Idyllic right? Well, it is. But sometimes things don't always go according to plan. We are learning and getting better. The good news: Nobody ate anyone last night or today.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Spread the word about our May-fest on the 3rd from 2-6pm and give us a holler...to help us with a head count.



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