Well, let it be known that I will not ever again have a garden that is too big for my britches OR across the street from my house! I pulled more than a thousand amaranth weeds from the garden today. Each one dropping oh, about a trillion tiny seeds. Talk about paying for it in the years to come!!

I PROMISE next year to only cultivate as much as I can really care for and not just kind of fake it. And we will use the deep mulch method to keep back weeds. As much as I feared putting down mulch hay (silly me I was worried about adding more seeds to the garden) in the spots where we did put it down there were remarkably fewer weeds! So there you have it: lesson learned.

It was a perfect middle fall day - mid 50's clear blue sky and two children in the garden for four hours. Total bliss for this mama. Lucia delighted in pulling milkweed seeds. They are like old friends revisiting her from last year. She has been checking them each time we went into the garden to see if they were right to poof into the air. Well, today they were. I restrained myself from telling her too many times to keep them away from the garden. I asked her once and I think she got it. Isaac went to work following his sister around and learning all of the ins and outs of the garden from his personal tour guide. And then my dad showed up in his red sports car. "NONNO!" Came the cry.

My dad went right to work rescuing the last of our potatoes that were hiding under the sunflowers. First Isaac went to work with him using a rock to scrape dirt from the piles of beautiful reds and blues. Then once he fell asleep Lucia took a turn helping Nonno dig for gold.

Meanwhile, I disassembled a garden that one of our apprentices put up. A little bittersweet. He contributed so much to our farm so taking it down I missed his presence, his inspiration, and also I wished he could be there doing it with me. We miss you Mike.

Tonight the only things that remain in the garden are the brussel sprouts and the winter keeper carrots that will get covered with hay tomorrow. Only to be discovered later amidst the snows of winter. Oh yes and many more amaranth weeds and lingering tomato plants...I will get them tomorrow..

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio