As I sat at the supper table I could feel the sun still in my cheeks from our work today. I looked at Lucia curled in her grandma's lap and Isaac 'brumming' his little metal tractor along the chair rail.

This is warmth that is left in me at the end of a good work day. And even though I walk around the farm wanting to do ten more things than I am able to get to. I tell myself, "This is enough today. That will wait until tomorrow." ANd it usually does.

Mike and I uncovered the garlic from it's winter resting spot to find little yellow and green sprouts coming up. I hope thy are all okay. I think We put too much hay and straw. They were actually cold underneath!! No peas or spinach up in the garden from our April 6 planting. The Rhubarb is showing it's flourescent pink heads and bright green curled leaves. I can't wait for asparagus and fresh spinach and chard....

Did I mention that we planted some bamboo today. Started a big batch of lactofermenting sauerkraut.... Picked up rocks from a new garden area. moved a pig house and checked in on our laying chicks that have been having some trouble.

Time to rest. Tomorrwo should be a good garden day..perhaps beets and carrots will be planted!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio