Good things the animals know what to do in a snowstorm: they STAND there.

Mostly anyways. We just hiked over to the our small herd of Belted Galloways and Abby, a milking shorthorn. They have a good bit of protection from a small crop of Hawthorn and Maple trees. When we got there they were all standing still under the trees. Their backs had a sprinkling of snow...they must have had good cover since about five inches has fallen in the last few hours.

The sheep also look like an oil painting: still, quiet and beautiful.

We are expecting another 12-18 inches in the next 18 hours. CRAZY.

I continue to work with Sierra. Brushing her and massaging her udders. Even though she barely lets me near them. I am doing what I can. And I am realizing that much of my self confidence is tied to my relationship with her. The better we work together. The more confident I feel. Yesterday, she bopped me, accidently I know, with her knee (?) while I was brushing her. An amateur's mistake. Why was my face down near her leg? I know that they come up when they kick and I also know that she is touchy around that area. SHe also nipped my hand while Lucia and I were feeding her some old apples. Again, I know it was my mistake. And I now have full faith that she is not doing something to me on purpose.

We have had her on the farm now for a year and a half and she will finally begin to pay her rent, so to speak. She is due on March 18th. Let the milking begin!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio