Yes, there may still be one set on the way. But we had two more mamas give birth today.

One, Evie, this morning gave birth to two beautiful black lambs - a boy and a girl.

And then on an amazing sunset walk with some good friends we discovered another Finn mama with four.

Yes, F-O-U-R lambs.

At first dan and I didn't know what we were seeing. Totally unprecedented. They were all up and being licked and trying to nurse.

We'll see how they look in the morning.

The other lambs look incredible. Even the one that I had to force to nurse looks healthy and robust.

The rain today has helped out immensely and now the green around here has really popped!

We need to get weeding and mulching! Potatoes HAVE to go in this weekend. Hope things dry up a bit...

time to get to work.

Had the first of the Rhubarb from the garden, some asparagus and greens from the gardens as well.

Discovered mint along a spring across the creek. What an amazing bounty the earth is already providing for us!


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio