Wow! The past week has felt like a month. We packed the kids up and drove up to Saratoga Springs for the winter NOFA - NY conference. We were presenters this year, which was quite an honor, especially considering who we presented with. Our presentation was part of an all day panel for beginning farmers. We all shared our farming story and then had small breakout sessions with the individual farmers. I only hope that the audience got as much out of our talk as we did.

The process of planning and giving our talk helped us reflect on the past five years. Incredible things have happened since our first summer at Stony Creek.

We have also been visited by THREE of our past apprentices in the last month! Three of them this past weekend. Rush is visiting us now. Up from New Orleans. He is now a self employed photographer. He has brightened our mid winter blahs with stories of his life in New Orleans and bike travels across the US. And of course his amazing photographs!!

Ashley visited from Burlington Vermont with her father. We had two game nights in a row and lots of incredible local Ale. Ashley's father, Justin, bought yo-yos for Lucia and Isaac. And now the two of them are set on either injuring themselves or becoming professionals. Only time will tell!! Thank you Justin. Now Ashley is in vermont as a part time curator of a small museum and she is of course "living the dream."

Graham also made his way to the farm after the NOFA conference. He was just in time to help out with farm chores. We returned to a very rainy farm on Sunday night. With 3" of rain predicted for the next 24 hours. Greg was already out working on a temporary shelter for the sheep, Dan hopped out of the car and headed for their winter paddock to help out. Then Graham arrived a few hours later just in time to help Dan walk Sierra, she freshens in a month, to the barn. A good thing too since she was garnering too much attention from our Belted Galloway Bull. And being a Jersey, she is not suited to the rougher weather of the winter. And it is time for us to start working with her a little bit every day to get her ready for milking. To get us ready too!!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio