Well, after some soul searching, and just a general FREAK OUT here at the farm....I have decided to start a list of the things we accomplish everyday...Since I am a lover of lists.

Instead of making the list of the billion of things we have to do, want to do, need money to do...we are going to talk each night at supper about what it is we DID DO each day. Ahh...

Here is the list from today:

*built a shoe shelf for the milk house and put up 3 kids coat hooks

*cleared sod away from the base of many willow and a few birch trees

*Organized canning equipment

*brought tools down from woodshed at Kate & Dan's house

*pulled a BILLION nails from reclaimed barn wood= created more lumber to build with (YES!)

*stacked wood in The Big House - for Pete and Karen

*delivered 9 dozen eggs to Lucky Dog Farm and saw a local CSA in action

*Picked up 3 tons of locally grown organic grain and loaded it into the barn

Whew....and that doesn't include our regular chores, making meals, or any of dan's computer work..

As a note, Rush said he plans on running around to do lots of little things tomorrow...this really gives me an idea of just all of the things we can accomplish in a day....

Bring on Tomorrow!!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio