What a glorious spring we have had here at the farm. Cool sunny weather, except for the crazy heat wave that we had in the end of April. And then the hard frost that visited us on June 1st. The rains have all come at just the right time. Although we could use some now....

The peas are looking fantastic thanks to the trellis that Dan put up almost two months ago!! and all of the mulching that Elizabeth and Terra have done. Our potatoes are finally showing their heads and only a few of them got touched by the frost. We rushed to cover everything that we could on Sunday night - the prediction was for temperatures in the low 30's. YIKES! We had just put in 80 BEAUTIFUL Heirloom tomato plants...

With the help of my father, Anya, Alice, Terra and Dan we were able to get all of the tomatoes covered along with all of the rogue lettuces hanging around the pod garden and the middle garden. We just didn't have enough re-may for the cole crops. But, they are supposed to be cold hardy so I said a little blessing of protection and went to bed. Unfortunately many of the tomato plants got bitten by the frost weighing down the re-may until it touched their leaves and then burned them. I replaced as many as I thought necessary today. And our cauliflower looks pretty bad. AND the Asparagus that was up was damaged. Amazing to see how many perennials made it untouched.

We have been very busy getting bush beans planted. Cukes were transplanted yesterday. Tons of flowers were both transplanted in and sowed directly into their places. Sunflower seed saved from last year - Alice sowed it into the pod garden. Terra transplanted the perennial herbs that I started this year: feverfew, hyssop, and lemon balm. She also put in the globe amaranth and replaced some damaged Celosia plants on the perimeter. Anya, Alice and Elizabeth put the melons in - muskmelon and watermelon. And put the remainder of the leek transplants in that came back from the dead.

Anya made an incredible lunch - frittata, lentil salad, green salad, fresh bread. Then after lunch we returned to the garden to make hills in the newly turned middle garden to plant all of our winter squash with a row of flowers in between.

Tomorrow we plant pole beans, pumpkins and corn...and hopefully some more flowers!

Some friends came over for our weekly potluck Thursday and we walked with some homemade beer while the kids ran around and pretended we were giants!! More delicious garden fare from Anna and Brendan's gardens graced our supper table and the day was more than complete. Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Some pictures are on the way - I will ask our apprentices to post some of their thoughts as well!!

Write us and let us know how your spring is going and what you are doing.

all of us at Stony Creek

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Well, we had to cancel our may day celebration because of the tremendous amount of work that lies in front of us to get this ecotourism thing off the ground by June. And of course the farm continues to thrive and grow - seedlings to plant, peas coming up, weeds to pull out, lambs being born, chickens to move to new grass, eggs to collect, beef cows to check on. Still, we had a couple of friends stop by yesterday. The day turned out to be gorgeous by the afternoon.

Some lambs were born in the morning - one needed some help getting to its incredibly patient mama, Angel. The little bugger seemed done for after Kate assisted it around 1 o'clock. But by 2 o'clock the little guy was up and trying to nurse on his own. What an amazing thing to watch. He continues to thrive today, with his big sister and patient mama on the lookout.

Mom and dad, aka Nonno and Nonna came over to play . We thought we were going to get some plants in the ground. Instead we put up a May Pole and buried some feathers in the hay and set up a hayride. All per Lucia's instructions, "the hay pile goes here" "is this how long the ribbons should be" Isaac slept soundly while Nonno whiled away the time playing games on his ipod.

Some good friends brought our barn cats back from the spay day at Delhi. thank you bret and laura! Their daughters Elena and Sabine had fun riding in the mule and taking a woods walk where our new tents are going to go. then Lucia and Elena turned into Laura and Mary from the LIttle House on the Prairie for the rest of the evening! Never seen two little girls so enjoy themselves!!

The newest member of our family, Elizabeth, brought her family over for a tour and walk about as well. We all had a great time eating trout lilies, talking about how amazing our creek is, thinking up names for the tents and smashing caterpillar tents (okay, I guess Lucia and I were the only ones doing that last thing).

Of course while all of this is going on Dan and his father were overseeing the excavation of three of the tents sites. Peter cutting out dead trees and dan piling them up to be wood chipped later. The Excavator did a beautiful job: nice level sites, with minimal damage to the surrounding area. Dan and I are ready to move our house over there.

So far our tents are named: sunset, trout lily, creek side, may apple, pasture walk, hideaway, - well we could change a few. But that is wehre we are for now.

Oh, and in case you think that is too much for a weekend, that was just Saturday!

At night, I drove to Delhi to pick up a prospective apprentice, Terra. She spent the night. And after pancakes in the morning we went straight to work transplanting cabbages and lettuce into the garden. We moved the sheep. Terra got to carry a newborn lamb into the new area with its concerned mama bleating all the way. Terra finished transplanting lettuces while dan and I picked up some large saplings from the tent site and replanted them near the house. After a bite to eat Terra and I headed out to Nonna's house to pick up Lucia and Isaac. After a delivery of some diapers, Terra and I headed to Oneonta so that she could catch the 3 o'clock bus to the city. A short visit that will hopefully turn into a long summer stay.

Dan did some more overseeing with the excavator, finished up some graphics work and coordinated some things for tomorrow - for we receive the tents tomorrow!! Yike-o's.

Hope everyone out there had an equally rewarding weekend!

Gooooooo Team!!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

A nice hearty lamb was born today. He and momma are doing well despite the freezing temperatures. Cold and windy up on the hill!!

Check back later today for some pictures and confirmation of the little bugger's gender and health status.


monday, 12:38am

as promised:

meet little Easter and his mom Bunny. (ya know - to keep it simple!)



good job Easter!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Just to remind us that "Spring" is just an arbitrarily designated day on the calendar, a bit of white stuff fluttered down earlier in the week. About an inch up here in the hills and almost nothing further down the road. It's always pretty, if not always appreciated.

No snow in the forecast but June 1st is the latest official frost date around here so...ya never know.


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Just a quick note that our onion seedlings are showing their heads. Some green has pushed its way into our lives again.




look closer....






AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Here we are, Dan says it has been a month since our last entry and after looking back...He is right!! Who knew that winter could fly by so quickly!!

- some shots from today - more to read after the photos




We still have many of the root vegetables previously mentioned. Although our squash is beginning to show signs of decay at the stem tip. We are cooking and eating them daily now.

Garlic and onions are still abundant. Potatoes in his parents cellar are terrific! We are just about clean sold out of pork. But we still have a small supply of whole chickens left. And our hens are producing eggs by the dozens!!

I have been struggling to get our newsletter out: we have some big/small developments this year. We are going to embark on starting a beef herd! We are also going to switch to heritage breed chickens and turkeys. And we will also only be growing what our customers pre-order. CSA style.

I will post the newsletter here in the next 24 hours!!

Dan just returned from the UK. We are working on a tourism part of the farm. We want to be able to host families and couples here for a few days at a time. So we had to do some research. More to come!!!

I (kate) stayed home with the kiddos and kept the house warm and the animals fed. We have just received our day old chicks for our next laying flock. Amazing that the little things won't lay until the end of Summer!

We have also started onion seedlings in the house above our stairs!! We planted sets last year and seedlings are supposed to produce much better storage onions. We'll see.

Apprenticeship positions are in high demand and it is only March. We are thinking of taking on 3 apprentices this year and one paid farm hand. Contact us now so we can talk about the details!

Warmer weather is on its way!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Thanks to Jim Richardson for these shots from last Saturday's festivities.
If anyone has pictures they'd like to share we would love to have them.

please send 'em to info@stonycreekfarm.org. thanks!







AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Hi everyone, and welcome to our first new blog post. Just a quick note to say that it was a pastoral scene this morning during chore time. The new layer chicks are doing great. Gertrude (the sow) is snug in her house patiently waiting for spring (and her new piglets!) to arrive. The guineas seem fine despite having been evicted from the barn after we finally installed the new 12by12 foot sliding door (doesn't slide yet). And, our venerable flock of laying hens continues to brave the cold mornings and provide us (and you) with lovely eggs everyday (if only 1 for every 6 hens).

Please check back again soon and leave your comments for others to consider.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio