Phew these early spring days always kick my butt.... By 9 o'clock I am physically worn, emotionally drained and totally exhausted. My muscles ache from the 5-gallon bucket lifting that I must do to fill the sheep's water -7 full ones to fill it 2 times a day. Fill them at the creek and then walk 50 paces without spilling them all over. I have gotten pretty good at it now and the 50 paces is one thousand times better than the 5 VERTICAL paces we had to do all winter. We have them temporarily behind the barn. They had to be shorn in the barn, then we moved them out once they were done. Now they are sort of in a holding pattern until some grass shows on the hills.

I worked a few hours over at a friend's farm today and will return tomorrow. He and some of his crew worked over here for a few days getting our hoop house up and covered in plastic. IT IS UP NOW!!! And I owe some time over there...dan too once he is back from the city. Worked over there watering and seeding. What an amazing thing to grow food for people to eat. Really eat and not just talk about. These guys, Lucky Dog Farm, they are doing it. Growing LOTS of food.

We have a ton of transplanting to do over the next few days. But first I have to get dan ready for a delivery to the city, then work at a friend's homestead in Oneonta with some Hartwick College students (some from the group that was here last week got a taste of something they liked and they want to come back to work more!!) and then Lucia is really psyched about easter so we'll do a bit of that on Sunday..Perhaps I can sneak in a few hours of work in the afternoon.

rest well, kate


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio