I've returned to the long delayed (3years+) construction of the studio. If you're like most people you're wondering, "Studio? What will you use it for?". Well, of course i'll be doing my magazine illustration work there. (maybe a post on that other part of my life is in order) but it's much more than a place to sit in front of a computer. Doesn't everyone have projects that they wish they could bring into being, if only for a place to work where the synthesis of a good idea is the only impediment to progress? Of course you do. This will be that place. Wood-working, photography, graphic design, whatever...

I hope to be using it as an extension of our milkhouse office as early as May (though we likely won't have heat and May can still be pretty brutal around here) and my graphics workspace perhaps before that.

Here's a look of the progress.


more pics and description to follow.


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio