Don't know where to start really. A lot has happened since our last real blog post.

Probably the most significant addition to the farm is our milking shorthorn Abby. She's a beautiful cow that came from our friends Wes and Amy in Livingston Manor, NY. And, she came with a person to milk her! Graham was their intern since back in the early spring and he decided to come be with us for the past two months.

Graham has been a pretty amazing addition to our farm. He has pretty much taken over all farm chores and he developed our fall grazing plan. He has put that plan into action and gotten us on track to grazy the sheep and Belties straight through December if weather allows. (the weather is another story...)

Alas, Graham's time with us has come to an end however. He will be moving on as of tomorrow after we finish butchering our turkeys. Hard to believe that it's time for him to go already. But our old friend Greg Allen has come back to be with us for the Winter. Greg was with us a few years ago for a summer internship position and was back again for a brief stay this summer. He returns to us poised to brave the long winter months and to help out with whatever we need. Mainly, he and I will continue with the unfinished building projects that dot the Stony Creek landscape (pod, studio, root cellars etc..) We'll be sure to post lots of pictures and descriptions as that stuff unfolds.

In other news, we got back all of our meat from the butcher 2 days ago. It is a truly incredible quantity of the most beautiful, delicious lamb and pork. Al of our work on Feather Down this year left us little time to pre-sell most of it. As a result we had to buy another freezer and even had to store some of it in a friends freezer. I'll post a revised price and available list soon.

It seems that a new photo gallery is in order since so much has happened in the past few months that we haven't written about, so look for a link to that in the galleries page.

Also, little Isaac turned 3 today!


here's graham (right) and greg hamming it up shortly after they met earlier today.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Hello folks.

Well, another month has breezed by and somehow we've managed to keep quiet about it. Lot's of stuff happening as usual. Let's just call this the check-in before the check-in.

Quite a frosty couple of nights we're having. 24F last night and feeling like it'll be close to that tonight.

I'll gather my thoughts for a detailed post in the next few days.


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Well, let it be known that I will not ever again have a garden that is too big for my britches OR across the street from my house! I pulled more than a thousand amaranth weeds from the garden today. Each one dropping oh, about a trillion tiny seeds. Talk about paying for it in the years to come!!

I PROMISE next year to only cultivate as much as I can really care for and not just kind of fake it. And we will use the deep mulch method to keep back weeds. As much as I feared putting down mulch hay (silly me I was worried about adding more seeds to the garden) in the spots where we did put it down there were remarkably fewer weeds! So there you have it: lesson learned.

It was a perfect middle fall day - mid 50's clear blue sky and two children in the garden for four hours. Total bliss for this mama. Lucia delighted in pulling milkweed seeds. They are like old friends revisiting her from last year. She has been checking them each time we went into the garden to see if they were right to poof into the air. Well, today they were. I restrained myself from telling her too many times to keep them away from the garden. I asked her once and I think she got it. Isaac went to work following his sister around and learning all of the ins and outs of the garden from his personal tour guide. And then my dad showed up in his red sports car. "NONNO!" Came the cry.

My dad went right to work rescuing the last of our potatoes that were hiding under the sunflowers. First Isaac went to work with him using a rock to scrape dirt from the piles of beautiful reds and blues. Then once he fell asleep Lucia took a turn helping Nonno dig for gold.

Meanwhile, I disassembled a garden that one of our apprentices put up. A little bittersweet. He contributed so much to our farm so taking it down I missed his presence, his inspiration, and also I wished he could be there doing it with me. We miss you Mike.

Tonight the only things that remain in the garden are the brussel sprouts and the winter keeper carrots that will get covered with hay tomorrow. Only to be discovered later amidst the snows of winter. Oh yes and many more amaranth weeds and lingering tomato plants...I will get them tomorrow..

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Kate's sister Alyssa checking in with the most recent farm happenings.

It was a stunning weekend, the sun lighting up the reds, golds and oranges of the trees and shining all through the last Franklin market this season. There was a fair turnout at the market where some folks had brought an old apple cider maker and were churning out gallons of the good stuff.

Yesterday while Kate and Sara, up from NYC, were at the market, Dan and Jeff went to work building a "hoop house" (Dan has promised pictures when it's completed) and got some stone piers and timbers laid for the foundation. It's near the house and will be one of two planned greenhouses, the other nearly finished and waiting for some shower doors to be its ceiling.

Today Kate, Sergi, a very helpful Isaac and I managed to get 15 pounds of garlic planted - six different varieties, 5 from this season's crop and one from a neighboring farm.

Also recently finished is the root cellar in the big house, all that's missing is a final sealing around the outside wall and a couple of cracks and it gets loaded up with all of our humidity loving storage crops - potatoes, carrots, onions, some tolerant winter squash and maybe some cabbage.

Predators came from the west a few nights ago and flushed our youngest chicks at dusk and came back after dark to finish the job. All told they made off with twelve of seventeen. Subsequent attempts at a stakeout (Dan hiding with a shotgun in the brush) proved unsuccessful, so now we're just taking as many precautions as possible when we shut the various birds in every evening.

The temperature is sure to drop again soon, high in the 40s predicted for this next weekend, and the city visitors consider themselves pretty lucky to have enjoyed the indian summer the last few days.

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Hey everyone. Well, it's getting cold - that's for sure. We had our first really hard frost the other night. My thoroughly unscientific assessment was determined by the 1/4" of ice on the water trough. We've gotten a bit of a reprieve though the last two nights. Been hovering round 34deg.

So, enough of the weather.

I think i've got a few pictures to share...


Isaac loving a tree at the Common Ground Fair in Maine a few weeks ago. (the fair is a really amazing event sponsored by MOFGA. Check it out on the web)


The Common Ground Fair rides (BYO scrap of cardboard)


Our neighbor Craig helping out with our one of final loads of hay for the year (finally!!)






Our friend, and future authentic farm cuisine restaurant owner, Steve helping out with the harvest back in August. (i know, i should be more timely with posting pictures)



Our new driveway being graded. More on this later....

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