Still no calf from our sweet Jersey cow, Sierra. I am guessing that she will calve when we least expect it. (does that count as expecting it?)  The temperatures around here refuse to go above 40 at day and drop to a mean 20 and lower at night. We have used up almost all of our wood, as has everyone else in this area who heats with wood. Dan worked on insulating the greenhouse portion of our house today...we are still covering the onion and lettuce seedlings in there with two extra layers of plastic at night!

I took my precious tomato seedlings over to my friend's heated greenhouse on Sunday and started another 20 flats of flowers, greens, beets and more FLOWERS!!

So far we have four members of our CSA and my goal this year was 5-10.......Soooooo Get out those checkbooks and pay for a subscription. Really it is dirt cheap and you get the most amazing vegetables FRESH fresh fresh!

Here are some photos of lots of dirt in trays at Mary's...Yes there are seeds in there too...Just you wait...they will sprout. I promise.




AuthorDaniel Marsiglio