Here we are, Dan says it has been a month since our last entry and after looking back...He is right!! Who knew that winter could fly by so quickly!!

- some shots from today - more to read after the photos




We still have many of the root vegetables previously mentioned. Although our squash is beginning to show signs of decay at the stem tip. We are cooking and eating them daily now.

Garlic and onions are still abundant. Potatoes in his parents cellar are terrific! We are just about clean sold out of pork. But we still have a small supply of whole chickens left. And our hens are producing eggs by the dozens!!

I have been struggling to get our newsletter out: we have some big/small developments this year. We are going to embark on starting a beef herd! We are also going to switch to heritage breed chickens and turkeys. And we will also only be growing what our customers pre-order. CSA style.

I will post the newsletter here in the next 24 hours!!

Dan just returned from the UK. We are working on a tourism part of the farm. We want to be able to host families and couples here for a few days at a time. So we had to do some research. More to come!!!

I (kate) stayed home with the kiddos and kept the house warm and the animals fed. We have just received our day old chicks for our next laying flock. Amazing that the little things won't lay until the end of Summer!

We have also started onion seedlings in the house above our stairs!! We planted sets last year and seedlings are supposed to produce much better storage onions. We'll see.

Apprenticeship positions are in high demand and it is only March. We are thinking of taking on 3 apprentices this year and one paid farm hand. Contact us now so we can talk about the details!

Warmer weather is on its way!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio