Well, I woke up this morning to a white frosting of hard snow on the ground. My fingers froze on the hand that holds the bucket while I milked with the other one.Most people just put the bucket on the ground. But Sierra won’t have it. She kicks like the devil. And I think I have determined that it isn’t my milking technique. It is just, pardon the expression, but as a friend said...she’s a bitch. Don’t get me wrong, I love her. I talk sweetly to her...she shoves me to the side. She has even learned to side swipe a little out towards me. Mostly it doesn’t hurt. Although my shoulder has become strained from me trying to reach her back teats from her side. I have resorted to having to go from the back. But all is not lost. She gave a little more than a gallon this morning. And we will start getting into a routine. I just keep trying to picture me sitting on a milk stool and easily milking with two hands...if only in a dream for now. hah! And some people dream of the beach...

Also, our first batch of broiler chicks arrived today. The post office called at about 1pm and said that they had actually arrived YESTERDAY!! That has never happened. our post office has always been very good about calling. Someone said they called and left a message, but no message was ever received on our end. So far everyone is looking okay..if only a little worse for the wear. Dan retrofitted the brooder to accommodate a rat trap box...the rats finally found us this winter. Hopefully the army has not gotten too huge. Dan will put up pictures soon.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio