Well, the snow is falling from the sky again. 6-10 inches predicted for tomorrow.It is quiet and soft and lovely. My dad said perhaps we will ski tomorrow. He is finally feeling better after a visit to North Carolina to see my brother's family. Too many kid germs. He got back and became violently ill. Poor guy.

The snow sprinkles down and all is still. For now. We have begun planning in earnest and taking a look at what we can actually afford to grow/do this year. The garden is taking shape on paper. I love the straight lines of the ruler and the grid paper. And I equally love the little curves and wobbles that the garden takes once it is carved into the soil.

I worked with Sierra today: tying her to the railing of her pen, brushing her, touching her bulging udder, and then finally giving her a treat of grains and minerals. She is due in the middle of March and it is going to take every bit of training that I can do between now and then to get her used to all of the attention that she is going to be getting.

We are getting over 3 dozen eggs a day from our chickens, and are in need of a sales outlet. This glut of eggs is so common at this time of year. No farmers markets and the few natural food stores in this area are swamped!!

Come buy eggs!! We have to keep them up at our house since the fridge in the store had to be turned off.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio