Well, our new laying chicks have had a death, or many each night now since the SU students left on sunday. We thought perhaps the move stressed them out. (We moved another 40 of them to the hoop house outside, from the indoor brooder) Or we thought perhaps they were heat stressed, since the temp has been on the rise and their home got a little too toasty on Sunday afternoon. Or perhaps they were too cold...the nights are still getting into the low 30s and even the 20s early this week.

But all of our guesses were wrong. As I did chores this morning with my dad and Lucia and Isaac we came upon the laying chick hoop house and there were 4, yes FOUR,,,dead chicks. ...all in the back corner. Nothing else wrong with them except some beaten up looking heads and necks. Translation: Something has been trying to grab at them from the 1/2 inch space in the back right corner. AARrrggg. Why do these guys have to cram themselves into the corners? We have roosts and a warm spot in the middle to deter them from doing that exact thing. DId I say ARRGGG yet?

So, Mike and I fortified the edges a little bit. Only a large dextrous raccoon will be able to figure out how to get them now. ANd also dan and Mike are keeping watch tonight. We'll keep you posted. I need to go to sleep. kate

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio