hey everybody.

Well, we did a "silent" butchering this past Saturday. We never got around to advertising but we butchered the rest of our 60 broilers and they are available fresh until thursday. Then we'll put them in the freezer. We have lots of chicken beyond the 60 that are already frozen so come on by and stock up.

Hard rains this morning. We really need it, but it would be nice if it didn't come down too hard for too long because of our recent MAJOR excavation that was done to add an upper farm road and more garden flat. We put down all the wire mesh we could find on the farm to stabilize one bare hill. So far so good. No major landslides. And there is some grass starting to poke up.

Also, we got a new ram last night. A nice little Romney fellow who is yet to be named. We're in need of some new genetics to breed this years ewe lambs. Bruce is going to take a year off. (and maybe go away..boohooo!!)

pictures pictures pictures....


take care


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio