First morning near the hen house...this crew got up EARLY to help with farm choresIMG_0746

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After a day of planting corn, beens, squash, flower seeds, herb seed and 70 degree weather, the Marsiglios and ALPS feel hot and accomplished. De-rocking a garden, digging trenches, building bean teepees, and harvesting tons of compost, the garden that was once bare, now has texture and will soon feed the farm.

Split into four separate groups, we set off to our various farm chores after de-rocking the garden. One group constructed 6 been teepees which allow vines to grow up one of the 5 poles used. Another group began to use hoes to dig trenches later covered by the a third group who planted crops and also harvested compost to cover the seeds. The last group planted corn on a different garden that had also been de-rocked.

Breakfast this morning was at the Marsiglio's home. Mrs. Marsiglio served a delicious meal of orange juice, and large amounts of scrambled eggs and pancakes, plus some oatmeal. The meal was enjoyed by all with a record of 13 pancakes. This meal was an excellent start to our day.

The big red barn was one of the most interesting buildings the ALPS crew has been inside. It was originally designed to hold about 150 tones of hay, 70 tones of grain, and a 7 ton tractor and is probably seen its days but is still amazing. The main barn vertical beams were raised not by crane but by many horses attached to the beam which was on the ground. The horses would pull them upright and them be hammered in. The barn didn't have any screws or nails to build it but was build by wedges and weight balances.

By the time this blog is posted, the ALPS members will be very close to departing from the Marsiglio farm, leaving behind some of the most kind and welcoming people and their animals. This being the first ALPS trip to this farm, the ALPS crew has made a lasting footprint on this farm with trees, gardening, feeding, trails, and memories. The Marsiglio farm trip will last until the ALPS club ends (which will be never!) and will stay in everyones memories until our minds go just like Mason's mind.

Mason Bushnell and the ALPS Club

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio