Hey everyone. Some how I didn’t post this the day I wrote it - and here it is almost three weeks later!! In themean time a lot of other stuff has happened. We’ve made even more hay since then amidst some rainy adversity. Nevertheless this is a good little bit of reading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

So we got some hay in yesterday. mostly things went very well. the baler continues to "miss" knots about 1 in 15 bales (maybe less) and it sure is a pain in the butt. when that happens, the baler just dribbles the bale out of the kicker chute like a baby rejecting a bite of pureed brussel sprouts - not pretty. Or it shoots them into the wagon in a big grassy mess, which is even worse because then you have to scramble to toss the loose hay out of the wagon before the next bale is launched at your head.

Last week we spent a bunch of time rebuilding our second hay wagon which we’d repaired several times before but never properly. All of the main beams were rotten and sagging and the whole thing was destined to fail spectacularly at any moment. What it required was nothing short of a full wooden frame replacement. Pictures below tell the story. Of course, Pete was racing back from the sawmill with the decking while I was zooming around on the tractor with the hay rake. He and apprentice Ryan managed to get the boards screwed down just in time for us to head out to the field and start shooting bales into it. Perfect.

That’s all for now. One day soon Kate is going to catch us all up on the progress that she and our apprentices have made in the gardens which is nothing short of AMAZING! Our CSA members are overjoyed so far and there is so much more great food to come.

Also, we will be sending 9 or 10 sheep to the butcher in coming weeks. We’ll have lots of sausage and ground lamb available very soon.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio