The spring feels like it is real...because of the rain, because farmer's markets are opening up this weekend, because we have lambs bouncing around, because plants are begging to be transplanted, because I finally got my screens up and hung a makeshift laundry line!!

We put our potatoes in the ground right on schedule with the blooming dandelions last Saturday. My mother, father, Mike, Daniel, Lucia, and nephew Max all had a hand in planting our almost 1500 row feet of potatoes!! The last of the blues went in on Tuesday as Mike hit the road - "I'm beat" - for his high school reunion. We also put in more carrots - we'll see if they show their head in our rocky soil. More lettuce, and some radishes. We also picked dandelions and started dandelion wine with our good friends esperanza and carmen and lucas.

Today, over at Mary's greenhouse in Otego Lucia, my dad, and I started some morning glories, early zukes, cabbage, collards, a swan gourd for near lucia's fort, tons of calendula!! We brought back broccoli, lupines, daisies, and the first tomatoes!

We'll be missing our Pakatakan friends tomorrow - the market opens up in the round barn. Hopefully most of them will find their way to us this summer. Hopefully my father will make a glorious recovery and be back to chew the fat next year. He will really miss the hubbub of selling our food there. Drop him a line if you will LOVE it!

Now to bed...

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