May Day Festival was incredible.Tons of kids running around, playing in the creek, doing sack races, great food, farm tour with all of the animals munching grass, great tunes, great folks... a great day..

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a fun event. A special thanks to Laurie and Ira for filling the air with their music and Anna who helped set up the food. My mother stood by in the the kitchen cleaning up and my dad tracked Isaac for most of the day. And Karen who let Lucia and Isaac rest in her house..

Who can believe this weather? It hasn’t cooled down yet and it is almost 10PM!! What is happening in the world? But, is that rain I hear?

Lots to do this week, plant Onions, Potatoes, cole transplants, move the animals to new pastures ...the busy summer is here...

WHere are the apprentices? ;-)

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio