We just wanted to check in with our dedicated readers. While we have been posting fairly often on the companion blog (www.stonycreekfarm.wordpress.com), though not in the past few weeks, we've been neglecting this page quite a bit. Sorry about that.

Tonight we have a pretty important meeting with our local zoning board. They have to determine how our new farm-stay agri-tourism offerings will change that status of our farm and homestead from a legal / tax perspective. It's out contention that nothing changes at all. We can't invite people to stay on the farm and learn about what we do without the farm and, quite frankly, without income from our overnight guests we can't keep the farm going as a source of great food and education for the general public. Can't have one with out the other.

We're hopeful that things will work out for the common good and we'll be able to keep doing what we're doing. Check back in the next couple of days for an update on that and lot's of great info on everything we're doing on the farm.

I've been putting together a slide show for the folks at the zoning meeting (though, i'm not sure I'll get a chance to show it) and i'll post it to our "Galleries" page once i get it all together.


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio