We had three amazing families here for the weekend...One is still here, they planned to take monday off and are really enjoying their time here. They will be rewarded with a beautiful day tomorrow - 70 and sunny. Pizza night last night was amazing! A storm was predicted and as we were setting up a torrential downpour happened for about four minutes. Then the sky cleared and everyone had fun making their own pizza’s. Everyone shares of course. But who doesn’t want to self design their own pizza with farm fresh spinach, ricotta, garlic, or ham? Maia and John had fun just sending theirs in the oven ‘plain’ - literally some dough stretched out on the peel. Isaac fell asleep before dessert came out of the oven

Kate had a crazy few hours at the local farmer’s market in Franklin...tornado watch was in effect, but we advertise rain or shine. From 10-noon she held on to the tent canopy for dear life. The rain poured down and the wind threatened to whisk her and the other vendors to the next county. Now I know why I am a farmer and not a sailor. Thank you to the dedicated customers who braved the storm.

The weather promises to be beautiful tomorrow. Dan hopes to get the plastic on our house greenhouse, kate hopes to get tomatoes, corn and winter squash in the ground, and we hope to begin training our three apprentices in the workings of a semi-sustainable farmstead. Holly already has a good handle on many things and will be a great help in teaching Aaron and Kate the first few things.

Time for bed...I am already up too late!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio
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