After losing a handful of chicks to a hungry rat in the barn, Dan and the interns moved a hundred of the chicks out to their pasture pen late last night. The chicks are much more calm at night, so we always try to do any big moves then. Early this morning, Katie woke up to find ten or so of the chicks had escaped and were circling the pen trying to get back in - turns out this was a sign of things to come! While Kate and Dan headed off to the chiropractor, the interns had the morning to relax and get settled in. Only a couple minutes into this much needed rest time, Katie looked up from the intern house (known as "the pod") to see the entire flock of sheep barreling down the hill!

Katie was momentarily confused as to where these sheep came from, but quickly realized they were our sheep! Her confusion immediately turned to panic and she started screaming, " Aaron! Holly! The sheep! The sheep got out! 

The three heroic interns took matters into their own hands. Grabbing a crook, a hoe, and a rope, they spent the better part of an hour chasing the sheep back up the hill. The first four attempts failed miserably, but after Katie's idea of using a roll of remay (a permeable row cover used to protect vegetables) they started making progress. The three screamed and sprinted and slapped at the sheep and finally coaxed them back into the fence. It was an unforgettable experience--at once a bonding moment for the three of them and a mark of how far they had come in the short time they had been at Stony Creek. The whole team celebrated the success at lunch with chard, spinach, and lettuce from the garden, homemade hummus, smoked fish, and fresh goat cheese.

And its only Tuesday...

Aaron, Katie and Holly

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio