The rain is pattering on the skylights, lucia is upstairs listening to Pippi Longstocking, isaac is snuggled asleep on the couch, dan is even asleep on our bed after a 10-hour round trip drive to his cousin’s wedding on Long Island last night and returning home at 3am. We had an amazing day yesterday. Alyssa, my sister, and Sergi came up from Brooklyn for the day. Yes for the day. They drove up on friday night and showed up at the farm at 10 am the next day. They spent the night at my parents in Franklin.

The weather was gorgeous. After a full morning of chores. Milking, feeding the sheep, the chicks, the hens..and I also moved the broilers out to their new outside home. (It was past time, I have just been nervous because the nights are still so cold. ) The big shock for me was that the rats, in all of their glory, ate 44 chicks!! Mostly when they were very little. But man, what a hit. We’ll order more. But mostly it is the loss of little lives that hits us hard. Although I will say, better to lose them to a wild animal and not some disease or pathogen from their bad living conditions!

So after all of the chores, we cleaned up a little bit and drove to Oneonta for Lucia’s ballet rehearsal at the Decker School of Ballet. Her recital is friday and saturday and I think I am more nervous than she is. I think she is happy to be amongst all of the ballerinas and fancy costumes! My sister and I walked around Oneonta and then picked up Lucia and hit Salvation Army for some May festival supplies.

finally we arrived back at the farm at about 3:45pm and began the next big project, ripping up the sheets we bought into ribbons for the maypole. Thank goodness my mother arrived to help with that task! My dad began cutting the chicken up for dinner. And I gathered tools for strawberry planting.

Once the inside work was done, I led the crew out to the garden and helped begin the planting process. Unfortunately, I could only participate for ten minutes and then I had a cow mooing at me from across the creek.

5pm milking time! Sierra has been an angel the last three milkings. I thing she and I are beginning to cement a new relationship. She is still nervous. And I still have a totally numb right thumb. but she stands stock still and in a good position!

The crew finished the strawberries before i finished milking. When I got back I asked my sister and father to collect the oldest milk from the fridge - we made cheese!! And I started supper....

This is all probably more than anyone needs to know! We had a wonderful meal...ramps, kale from the garden, and our baked chicken! Yum!

all in all, just another day on the farmstead, and so lovely to share it with great people!

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The spring feels like it is real...because of the rain, because farmer's markets are opening up this weekend, because we have lambs bouncing around, because plants are begging to be transplanted, because I finally got my screens up and hung a makeshift laundry line!!

We put our potatoes in the ground right on schedule with the blooming dandelions last Saturday. My mother, father, Mike, Daniel, Lucia, and nephew Max all had a hand in planting our almost 1500 row feet of potatoes!! The last of the blues went in on Tuesday as Mike hit the road - "I'm beat" - for his high school reunion. We also put in more carrots - we'll see if they show their head in our rocky soil. More lettuce, and some radishes. We also picked dandelions and started dandelion wine with our good friends esperanza and carmen and lucas.

Today, over at Mary's greenhouse in Otego Lucia, my dad, and I started some morning glories, early zukes, cabbage, collards, a swan gourd for near lucia's fort, tons of calendula!! We brought back broccoli, lupines, daisies, and the first tomatoes!

We'll be missing our Pakatakan friends tomorrow - the market opens up in the round barn. Hopefully most of them will find their way to us this summer. Hopefully my father will make a glorious recovery and be back to chew the fat next year. He will really miss the hubbub of selling our food there. Drop him a line if you will LOVE it!

Now to bed...

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Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to help us celebrate Spring and all of our wonderful new lambs, AND the opening of our new farm store. By no official count, we'd put the number of attendees somewhere between 75 and 100. Great. Just right. Next time we'll be even more prepared and put out announcements a little farther and wider. We'll have pictures and lots more to say about the event in coming days. We'll also be sending out a little note to everyone who left their contact info on our sign-in sheet. If you didn't sign but you'd like to receive our next mailing please email your information to us at

Thanks again everyone.


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As I sat at the supper table I could feel the sun still in my cheeks from our work today. I looked at Lucia curled in her grandma's lap and Isaac 'brumming' his little metal tractor along the chair rail.

This is warmth that is left in me at the end of a good work day. And even though I walk around the farm wanting to do ten more things than I am able to get to. I tell myself, "This is enough today. That will wait until tomorrow." ANd it usually does.

Mike and I uncovered the garlic from it's winter resting spot to find little yellow and green sprouts coming up. I hope thy are all okay. I think We put too much hay and straw. They were actually cold underneath!! No peas or spinach up in the garden from our April 6 planting. The Rhubarb is showing it's flourescent pink heads and bright green curled leaves. I can't wait for asparagus and fresh spinach and chard....

Did I mention that we planted some bamboo today. Started a big batch of lactofermenting sauerkraut.... Picked up rocks from a new garden area. moved a pig house and checked in on our laying chicks that have been having some trouble.

Time to rest. Tomorrwo should be a good garden day..perhaps beets and carrots will be planted!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio