Phew these early spring days always kick my butt.... By 9 o'clock I am physically worn, emotionally drained and totally exhausted. My muscles ache from the 5-gallon bucket lifting that I must do to fill the sheep's water -7 full ones to fill it 2 times a day. Fill them at the creek and then walk 50 paces without spilling them all over. I have gotten pretty good at it now and the 50 paces is one thousand times better than the 5 VERTICAL paces we had to do all winter. We have them temporarily behind the barn. They had to be shorn in the barn, then we moved them out once they were done. Now they are sort of in a holding pattern until some grass shows on the hills.

I worked a few hours over at a friend's farm today and will return tomorrow. He and some of his crew worked over here for a few days getting our hoop house up and covered in plastic. IT IS UP NOW!!! And I owe some time over there...dan too once he is back from the city. Worked over there watering and seeding. What an amazing thing to grow food for people to eat. Really eat and not just talk about. These guys, Lucky Dog Farm, they are doing it. Growing LOTS of food.

We have a ton of transplanting to do over the next few days. But first I have to get dan ready for a delivery to the city, then work at a friend's homestead in Oneonta with some Hartwick College students (some from the group that was here last week got a taste of something they liked and they want to come back to work more!!) and then Lucia is really psyched about easter so we'll do a bit of that on Sunday..Perhaps I can sneak in a few hours of work in the afternoon.

rest well, kate


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

May Day Festival was incredible.Tons of kids running around, playing in the creek, doing sack races, great food, farm tour with all of the animals munching grass, great tunes, great folks... a great day..

Thanks to everyone who came and made it a fun event. A special thanks to Laurie and Ira for filling the air with their music and Anna who helped set up the food. My mother stood by in the the kitchen cleaning up and my dad tracked Isaac for most of the day. And Karen who let Lucia and Isaac rest in her house..

Who can believe this weather? It hasn’t cooled down yet and it is almost 10PM!! What is happening in the world? But, is that rain I hear?

Lots to do this week, plant Onions, Potatoes, cole transplants, move the animals to new pastures ...the busy summer is here...

WHere are the apprentices? ;-)

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

We had Andrew Leslie Phillips here for the day. The future Freer Hollow Community Center was christened with the one day introduction to permaculture. Alice, Anya, and Terra set up some tables, we sat on a hodgepodge of chairs, coolers, and wooden chests. Each attendee brought a dish to share at our lunch potluck and we had a great walk around the farm in between rain drops!

Thanks Andrew for an inspiring day!

for more info check out:

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

A great group of Hartwick, Pine Lake Campus, students generously donated their time yesterday to pick up tons of rocks, transplant blueberry bushes, and deconstruct an old shed. Our garden has never known so much clear soil!!

Thanks guys. Hope we can return the favor some day!






heading home after a hard day's work

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Come check us out at the Franklin Farmer's Market this SUNDAY from 10-2pm. It is located right off main street on Institute Street, in front of the literary society, across from the school. Many other vendors will be there with plants, veggies, crafts and sweets! Not to mention everything of our that you would find at the farm store!!

See you there or at the farm..

Could you ask the sun goddess to please come out from hiding!

A nice photo of Isaac in the March!!!


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

Thanks to Jim Richardson for these shots from last Saturday's festivities.
If anyone has pictures they'd like to share we would love to have them.

please send 'em to thanks!







AuthorDaniel Marsiglio

As I sat at the supper table I could feel the sun still in my cheeks from our work today. I looked at Lucia curled in her grandma's lap and Isaac 'brumming' his little metal tractor along the chair rail.

This is warmth that is left in me at the end of a good work day. And even though I walk around the farm wanting to do ten more things than I am able to get to. I tell myself, "This is enough today. That will wait until tomorrow." ANd it usually does.

Mike and I uncovered the garlic from it's winter resting spot to find little yellow and green sprouts coming up. I hope thy are all okay. I think We put too much hay and straw. They were actually cold underneath!! No peas or spinach up in the garden from our April 6 planting. The Rhubarb is showing it's flourescent pink heads and bright green curled leaves. I can't wait for asparagus and fresh spinach and chard....

Did I mention that we planted some bamboo today. Started a big batch of lactofermenting sauerkraut.... Picked up rocks from a new garden area. moved a pig house and checked in on our laying chicks that have been having some trouble.

Time to rest. Tomorrwo should be a good garden day..perhaps beets and carrots will be planted!!

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio