Students from Ridgewood High School, NJ visited this weekend and took part in lots of wonderful hard work: cleaning chicken houses, painting, clearing brush, building bridges, planting potatoes, sorting building materials, gathering rocks and more things i can't think of.

Oh and we also ate some amazing food prepared by kate with a few helpers including Elizabeth, our intern / daily helper, and Alice and Anya, our soon-to-be full-time apprentices, and Sarah - our friend from Brooklyn who was here with long-time SCF friend and designer/builder Jeff.

Additionally Pete and Karen were on hand helping with all manner of projects and kid care, along with Gale (kate's mom) who took the kids to Franklin to play all day yesterday.

And. Our excavator guy was here digging water lines and leveling a site for a new building that we're putting up. More on that later...


main structure for the new bridge we started this weekend.

Sorry i can't show more pictures of the weekend's events, but the high school has lot's of silly paperwork that's required in order to show kids faces online. Alas, i had forgotten this fact as i was shooting photos this weekend, and somehow managed to get lot's of kids' faces in all of my photographs! What are the odds!?

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio