first, a quick reminder to our readership that I post daily updates - sometimes multiple each day - to our companion blog at it's easier for me to post there because I can do it right from my mobile phone.

so, can't get a break in the weather to cut some hay. it takes 3 days of nice dry weather to do it right and not have to worry about dampness in the bales spontaneously combusting while they're stacked in the barn - bad

also can't seem to get a break with our turkeys - we've been losing a few each week. we think they've been dying of a chicken-born illness that isn't very serious in chickens but that turkeys just can't handle. we're almost at the 6 week mark which is supposedly when they toughen up a bit and can fight off the cold. we'll see...

there a few other things we can't get a break on, but i'll hold them for another post


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio