Spring seems like it might be creeping in...The kids and I started more seeds in our greenhouse today and we actually sweated while we did it!

This morning while I Isaac and I were doing chores we had a few surprises:

1) When looking in on Sierra, our very pregnant Jersey cow, we noticed a new member of the family: a new calf!! He was just laying there looking like he has been here for years. Mama had licked him clean, he had already nursed a bit and he looked like he owned the place!!

2) Then as we brought hay over to the sheep, Isaac pointed out that there were FOUR new lambs in the mix. By the end of chores, the four turned into six and by the end of the day it was seven. We just sent the 7th one home with a friend b'c his mama was not helping him find the teat...he was pretty hungry.

Don't worry...lots of entertainment to come...Sierra the dancing cow for example..

here are some blurry initial photos of our newest critters




AuthorDaniel Marsiglio