Hey everybody, sorry for the long delay in blogging. We've been busy.Here are just a few things that have been going on since we last wrote. (In no particular order)

• Summer apprentice Alyssa left a couple days ago to pursue a short design internship before returning to Syracuse University to continue her Industrial Design studies • started haying and got caught in the rain..bummer. Only got one wagon load into the barn before torrential rains and heavy winds that blew our second hay wagon down the hill and crashing into the wood line by the road. Yikes. On a positive note, Pete and Dan spent Sunday performing a major wagon transplant and now the old dangerous wagon has new life on a new (to us) set of running gear. pictures in a future post • guinea keets born!! (10 of twelve were missing yesterday so stay tuned) • 4 chicks born to one of our laying hens! • turkeys doing great / they now have access to outdoors and will soon be in a new paddock all their own • more to come...

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio