Just when I was saying to Dan, "Sierra hasn't been in heat for a while now. I wonder when we will be able to breed her?"

We woke up this morning to a beautiful mooing cow. Because of the site of our house: her pasture is directly across the creek from us. With our windows open, her moo sounds like she is right there in our front yard!

Mark your calendars! A few more months and we will be calling the Artificial Insemination specialist! Not our preferred way to breed animals, but a bull for a single heifer is not very cost effective. Not to mention the fact that nobody here feels confident enough to have a big guy like that around. But in the future, when we have our small herd of heifers and mama cows....anything is possible!!

Fresh chicken available today at the farm. Come by between 2-6pm for the 10% discount from our market prices.

See you soon.


Here are some recent photos from the gardens...


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio