Don't know where to start really. A lot has happened since our last real blog post.

Probably the most significant addition to the farm is our milking shorthorn Abby. She's a beautiful cow that came from our friends Wes and Amy in Livingston Manor, NY. And, she came with a person to milk her! Graham was their intern since back in the early spring and he decided to come be with us for the past two months.

Graham has been a pretty amazing addition to our farm. He has pretty much taken over all farm chores and he developed our fall grazing plan. He has put that plan into action and gotten us on track to grazy the sheep and Belties straight through December if weather allows. (the weather is another story...)

Alas, Graham's time with us has come to an end however. He will be moving on as of tomorrow after we finish butchering our turkeys. Hard to believe that it's time for him to go already. But our old friend Greg Allen has come back to be with us for the Winter. Greg was with us a few years ago for a summer internship position and was back again for a brief stay this summer. He returns to us poised to brave the long winter months and to help out with whatever we need. Mainly, he and I will continue with the unfinished building projects that dot the Stony Creek landscape (pod, studio, root cellars etc..) We'll be sure to post lots of pictures and descriptions as that stuff unfolds.

In other news, we got back all of our meat from the butcher 2 days ago. It is a truly incredible quantity of the most beautiful, delicious lamb and pork. Al of our work on Feather Down this year left us little time to pre-sell most of it. As a result we had to buy another freezer and even had to store some of it in a friends freezer. I'll post a revised price and available list soon.

It seems that a new photo gallery is in order since so much has happened in the past few months that we haven't written about, so look for a link to that in the galleries page.

Also, little Isaac turned 3 today!


here's graham (right) and greg hamming it up shortly after they met earlier today.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio