So I am sitting here in the darkness...It is 11:19PM December 7th our first true snow of the winter. I had to stay here because Lucia and Isaac are asleep upstairs...Dan had to go out to herd some cows back to their fence enclosure. I have no idea how he did it..or if he did it. All I can do is sit here and wait to hear the story.

I found a bunch of our beef cows tromping around near the Pod Garden. I set out for our farm store at 10:45PM to put the last of our NYC orders together. As I walked down our long driveway, something felt funny.

In the dark. Snow hitting me in the face, I noticed tracks on the ground. ‘Looks like the dogs were playing,’ I thought. Then a few step further and I realized that they were not dog or cat tracks. I started walking slower. Upon closer inspection I quickly figured out that they were cow tracks. I walked a few more steps following the tracks with my flashlight and then thought, “maybe I should look up in case I get too close.” I lifted my head and flashlight and yes, there was a row of big black and white cows looking at me. My flashlight reflected green in their eyes. Now what!

Neither of us knew what to do. I looked at them one more time and then turned around to go get Dan. He is in charge of the cows. At least the big ones. As I trudged back down our driveway, I gave a backward glance every now and then to be sure they were not on my heels. But also hoping that they hadn’t turned towards the road.

So now..I sit and wait..and listen for dan to walk in the greenhouse.

12pm the lights of the Gator (ATV) finally turned toward our house! Dan popped his head in and solemnly said that everything is okay. He has to go check a gap in the fence for the big cows, but that’s it. Everything’s okay?!!

How did he do it? I watched the gator go up and down the hills in the darkness. I thought for sure the cows were gone or sick. Phew. I guess I have to wait up a little longer to find out how he did it.



A little bit of yelling while zipping about on the ATV. Then a whole lot of walking the fence lines and adding posts, shaking off snow. Fed them a few hay bales and some mineral mix. All ok for now. Winter is here - time to get the cows ready for the long cold months ahead...


AuthorDaniel Marsiglio