wpid-kate-lucia-mazzie-300x225-2012-05-26-07-532.jpgThursday morning I knew Sierra had calved. I woke up at 6 and quietly slipped on my chore pants and boots. I do love being the first one out and about on the farm. The mornings are almost always cool and wet. Things smell fresh and new all over again, even when the days have been hot and dry.

I walked over to where Sierra and her friend Elizabeth were grazing along our driveway. There at her feet was a little pile of brown and white. As I approached I could tell she had already been licked dry. So she must have arrived in the early morning - a typical time for calves and other farm babies to come into the world. Things are quiet, no humans are buzzing around, no engines running, even the wild birds are asleep. It is a time when a mother can attend to the work of birthing in the still darkness, without the noises and activity that light brings to the farmstead.

I approached Sierra and her new baby. She let me give it a welcome rub down and I carefully checked its belly to see if there were testicles or teats. My hand quickly discovered hat my eyes confirmed - no testicles! TEATS!! A girl. Our first heifer dairy calf on the farm since we begin milking cows!! A blessing for the future of farm fresh milk on our farmstead.

Later that day, Lucia, Isaac and their friends, Iris and Roan held an all farm vote to name her. They created a beautiful polling place, complete with a register, voting box, pen holders, and a megaphone! When all of the votes were in there was a three way tie - Maisy, Penny, Violet. But then we remembered grandma had yet to vote. So Lucia called her and gave her the three choices. Maisy won!

Welcome Maisy!



AuthorDaniel Marsiglio