Well, it is still incredibly cold outside. It was 8 degrees when I woke up yesterday and it felt like all the world was just holding still…waiting…for the warmth of the sun. March is a difficult month on the farmsteads of the northeast. There is so much to do and no way to do it until the earth sheds its frozen white skin and the creek starts flowing freely.

So you comfort yourself by planning and cleaning and promising yourself that you WILL have your pasture rotation plan finished before the animals go out on pasture.

And this year we have a green house up and running and heated with a woodstove. Our partners Eleanor and Patrick built the gothic house in the frigid temperatures of early February. Pounded each metal post into the frozen ground by hand. Peter, dan’s dad, also helped fabricate the woodstove and fittings. And NOW they have lots of little green things sprouting up!!

If you are around for the summer. Make sure you get the most amazingly fresh veggies by being a member of the vegetable share program! Or just order a box for the weekends that you are up!!

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AuthorKate Marsiglio