The weather has taken a turn this week....I can smell September in the air. All of you headed to the farm for a stay in the next month should bring along a cozy sweater and some woolly socks. If you are coming towards the end of the month, long johns or some under-layer for the mornings and evenings would be smart.

All of a sudden our nighttime temperatures the last two nights have been below 50 degrees. In the farm house we are mindfully closing our windows at dusk  to keep the chill out.

We haven’t started our wood stove up yet. But I do love to walk home at night and see all of the tents lit up from the candles and wood stoves. And in the morning I see little strings of smoke dancing up from each tent’s chimney. Such a lovely thing to huddle around with a good book or a little one.

In other farm news: Garlic is being cleaned and braided this week. We have separated out our boy sheep from the females to prevent any early lambs arriving next year and am expecting a new member to our farm family tomorrow..check back to see who or what it is!!



AuthorDaniel Marsiglio