We have had some beautiful weeks and weekends here on the farmstead. Two of our guest families from last year had such an incredible time, that they booked the entire farm with their friends! The valley echoed with the sound of their laughter and music well into the night each night. I even heard one little girl exclaiming, “I caught a firefly! I caught a firefly!” over and over in sheer amazement.

The kids spent their days roaming from the creek to the pond, up and down our hills, in and out of the chicken and calf paddock, and in between each other’s tents. The parents got to sit back and enjoy the miracle of a complete farmstead - where even the children are free range.

Many parents, when they book a stay here, are nervous about what their children will do all day. They always want to know about all of the possible day trips or organized activities on the farm. I always assure them, “The kids know what to do here. Just bring some wine for yourself and be prepared to relax.” The concept of free range children truly was a large impetus for us to start Stony Creek Farmstead in the first place. Lucia was a year old when we moved here and we remain determined to live a life where we can be a part of nature and it is a part of us.





AuthorKate Marsiglio