Good news: one of our apprentices received a job offer from a place he has been wanting to work for a few years! Bad news: he is heading there in a few weeks.

This means that we are losing a highly skilled and already trained apprentice. So we are looking for another apprentice. If you or anyone you know is interested in working on an organic farm for the season, please send me an email!

Things to know about our farmstead:

We all live together - shared meals, shared common spaces You will become a part of our farm family, at times you will work with different members of our extended family - including our parents and our young children - Apprentices have access to full bathroom, washing machine, full kitchen - Living space with shared sleeping quarters - Access to internet, phone, and our great book & magazine collection - 8-10 hour work days - 6 days a week - Room and Board including our own meats, eggs and produce - We make our own bread, yogurt, sauerkraut (among many other things)

The sort of work will you be a part of: gardening - planning, crop rotations, planting, weeding, cultivating, transplanting, mulching, saving seed, harvesting, cleaning, packing for sale and CSA shares farm chores - feeding and watering animals, moving sheep and cow fences, collecting eggs, checking on health of animals, brushing & milking a dairy cow design/building - using tools both hand and electric powered, designing new construction, working with different materials, building root cellar, shower house, new apprentice housing preserving - collecting, harvesting, washing, lacto fermentation, freezing, drying, preserving in oil, jellying, butchering poultry, yogurt and cheese making eco-tourism - cleaning platform tents, stocking farm store, giving farm tours, welcoming guests, baking bread and meals in an outdoor wood fired oven Outreach and education - writing entries for our blog, creating flyers, designing workshops for children, helping with day camps

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio