Here he is.  Another bull calf.  It just means that we'll have a lot of beef in about two years.  The final count this year:  5 bulls and a heifer (4 original beltie calves plus Sierra and Abby who each had a bull) We've now got 4 heifers to be bred from previous years.  One died in early June.  She was from last year's 4 heifers. Hard to pinpoint the cause of death.  Vet said maybe parasite overload, but that's extremely unlikely considering the health of all the others.  All symptoms add up to some kind of accute gastrointestinal distress form my analysis.  She went very quickly.

But this post is about BIRTH!!  The new calf is up and about saying "look at me!" (like grandpa Joe holding a golden ticket!!) and looking great.

AuthorDaniel Marsiglio